Spain is a vibrant and colourful country where beautiful, fresh food is perfectly paired with warm and friendly people.

In Spain, a meal is an event in which you share your life, your smile and your food with the people you love.

At Olé, we want you to experience just that. Share the joy of being amongst great company while enjoying Spanish tapas all within the exciting atmosphere of our South bank restaurant Brisbane.

Tapas are small dishes of flavourful Spanish delicacies. They are typically served at bars across Spain as a nibble to accompany a drink. However, ordering several tapas to share amongst friends is the best way to taste the different flavours that this cuisine has to offer.

We import staple ingredients to maintain the dishes integrity and history while utilizing local farmers to ensure freshness and quality.

So sit back, take time and enjoy Spanish tapas at our Southbank restaurants in Brisbane. There is no better way to sample the real essence of Spain’s life and culture in a fun, vibrant environment.